Wayne International 10th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference Theme:




Release time:2019-09-05

Intellectual Property Dispute Cases and Countermeasures of Cross-border E-commerce Platform in Europe and America


      2019September 2-3On the 3rd, Wayne International participated in the fourth annual meeting of China's intellectual property rights. At this annual meeting, Wayne International sent a professional team of agents and the person in charge of handling disputes on overseas platforms to provide professional knowledge on the layout and rights protection of overseas patents for participating enterprises and individuals on the spot, and on September 3Day 9:00-10:00In room 403 of the main venue, a theme forum for employees of foreign trade enterprises was held: intellectual property dispute cases and coping strategies of cross-border e-commerce platforms in Europe and the United States.

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Topic: Cases of Intellectual Property Disputes in European and American Cross-border E-commerce Platforms and Countermeasures


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The one-hour lecture passed quickly in a compact and wonderful speech. In the last 15 minutes, the guests enthusiastically asked questions and frequently interacted with Wayne International lecturers, mainly for consulting on the problems encountered in the China-China cross-border e-commerce platform in recent years. The lecturers' sharing content is of great help to cross-border e-commerce practitioners in their daily work. Due to the short schedule of the meeting, after the meeting, participants moved to 031Wayne International booth to continue the exchange!

The two days are indeed busy and fulfilling. Wayne International has participated in the intellectual property annual meeting for the fourth year. Our direct feeling is that China has raised intellectual property rights to the national strategic level, and national leaders are paying more and more attention to intellectual property rights. The legal protection environment of intellectual property rights has become more and more perfect. We can also see these changes from the annual intellectual property annual meeting. We believe that the future of intellectual property rights can be expected!