For enterprises, "implementing the standard" is to implement the national standard of "enterprise intellectual property management standard. The national standard for enterprise intellectual property management norms is formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office, approved and promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration. It will be implemented on March 1, 2013. The standard number is GB/T29490-2013.


In order to establish a standardized system for enterprise intellectual property work, earnestly implement the National Intellectual Property Strategy Outline, strengthen the guidance of enterprise intellectual property work, guide and help enterprises to further strengthen the creation, application, management and protection of intellectual property rights, and enhance independent innovation capabilities, Realize the scientific management and strategic application of intellectual property rights, and improve the competitiveness of international and domestic markets.


2.standard penetration function

 1, standardize the basic conditions of enterprise intellectual property management.

Enterprises should have clear intellectual property management guidelines and management objectives. and intellectual property management"Leadership implementation, institutional implementation, system implementation, personnel implementation, funding implementation". The intellectual property management system and responsibilities that the enterprise shall establish.


2. Standardize resource management of intellectual property rights

Around the enterprise's human resources management, financial resources management, information resources management. The intellectual property matters involved in the above management activities have been regulated accordingly.


3. Standardize the management of intellectual property rights in all aspects of enterprise production and operation.

It clearly stipulates the requirements of intellectual property management standards for important links such as enterprise research and development activities, raw and auxiliary materials procurement, production, sales, and foreign trade. To ensure that the intellectual property management activities of the main links of the enterprise's production and operation are under control, and to avoid the loss of independent intellectual property rights or infringement of other people's intellectual property rights.


4, standardize the operation and control of enterprise intellectual property rights.

Around the enterprise's intellectual property creation, management, use and protection of four key links. It clearly defines the normative requirements of enterprises in the creation and acquisition of intellectual property rights, rights management, rights use and rights protection.


5. Standardize document management and contract management in the production and operation activities of enterprises.

The various activities related to intellectual property rights involved in the production and business activities of an enterprise shall be recorded accordingly and files shall be formed. In particular, the enterprise's internal and external contract management to make clear requirements.


6. It is clearly stipulated that enterprises should establish a dynamic management mechanism for intellectual property rights.

Enterprises should regularly check and analyze their own intellectual property management work, and formulate corresponding improvement measures against the problems existing in the management work against the management objectives to ensure the realization of the management objectives.


3.Benefits of standard implementation

1. As the first national standard for enterprise intellectual property management in China, the implementation of the standard will be the basic condition for enterprise intellectual property work and the premise for enterprises to apply for science and technology projects.

2. The implementation of the standard will help to enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights of enterprise leaders and employees, and mobilize the enthusiasm of employees for invention and creation.

3. Promote enterprises to produce new products and technologies with high value-added independent intellectual property rights. Through their own production and sales or through the transfer of technology trade license to others, will bring substantial economic benefits to enterprises.

4, enhance the value of intangible assets of enterprises, in the enterprise financing listing, investment mergers and acquisitions and enterprise sales and other asset operations to obtain greater income.

5. Consolidate the market position of the enterprise, and significantly enhance the position of the products with independent intellectual property rights owned by the enterprise in the sales market through the implementation of the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards.

6. After passing the acceptance of the standard, you can apply to the competent department of science and technology for strategic promotion projects, patent implementation plans and other projects.


4. service process

1, to assist enterprises to set up a standard project team, to develop a standard implementation plan

2. Learning and training on the implementation of intellectual property standards

3. Assist enterprises in the preparation of intellectual property management system documents and trial operation

4, intellectual property management system internal self-assessment.

5. Assist enterprises in applying for intellectual property management system certification

6, intellectual property certification company assessment certification.


FiveWhat kind of subsidies can Shenzhen enterprises receive?

1,Guangdong Province:

Enterprises that have passed the Certificate of Certification of Intellectual Property Management System shall be given after filing.Every home.50000 yuan funding.


2,Shenzhen City:

Enterprises that have passed the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate" are givenEvery home.200000 yuan funding.


3,Futian District:

Enterprises registered in Futian District that obtained the Certificate of Certification of Intellectual Property Management System in the previous year shall be grantedEvery home.100000 yuan funding.


4,Longhua New District:

Enterprises registered in Longhua New District that obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate" in the previous year will be grantedEvery home.300000 yuan funding.


5、Dapeng New District:

Enterprises registered in Dapeng New District that obtained the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification Certificate" in the previous year will be givenEvery home.50000 yuan funding.


6,Bao'an District:

Enterprises that have passed the national standard certification and registered in Bao'an District within the validity period shall be givenEvery home.200000 yuan funding.