What is 1. Shenzhen high-tech enterprise?

Shenzhen high-tech enterprises refer to enterprises registered in Shenzhen to continuously carry out research and development and technological achievements transformation, have independent intellectual property rights, and carry out business activities on this basis. Enterprises that have applied for the recognition of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen can also apply for the recognition of national high-tech enterprises in order to enjoy more preferential policies and financial support for high-tech fields supported by the state: electronic information technology, biological and new medical technology, aerospace technology, new material technology, high-tech service industry, new energy and energy-saving technology, resources and environmental technology, and high-tech transformation of traditional industries.





Benefits of 2. Application for Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification

1, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises from the identification of the year and the second year 2 years, according to their payment of enterprise income tax to form 50% of Shenzhen's local financial resources to provide research and development assistance.

2. If the research and development expenses incurred by an enterprise for the development of new technologies, new products and new processes are not included in the profits and losses of the current period, the research and development expenses shall be deducted at 50% of the research and development expenses on the basis of the actual deduction in accordance with the provisions; if the intangible assets are formed, they shall be amortized at 150 of the cost of the intangible assets.

3. If an enterprise develops a key pure software product that has reached the domestic advanced level and has great promotion and application value, and the annual sales volume reaches more than 10 million yuan, the new value-added tax on the product will form the local financial part, and the municipal finance will provide research and development support within 3 years.

4. Ensure that innovative industrial housing is included in the annual implementation plan and annual land use plan of the recent construction plan. In the annual new industrial land, the proportion of high-tech industrial land shall not be less than 60%.

5, enjoy Shenzhen talent housing (Shenzhen high-level talents can apply for housing subsidies). The amount of subsidy in Shenzhen is 400000. Longhua New District supporting 100, Baoan District supporting 20%, Guangming New District supporting subsidies 150000.

6, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise employees transfer account than non-deep high-tech enterprises dominate.


Conditions for the Identification of High-tech Enterprises in Shenzhen in 3.

(I) enterprises shall be incorporated for more than one year when applying for accreditation;

(II) enterprises obtain the ownership of intellectual property rights that play a core supporting role in technology for their main products (services) through independent research and development, transfer, donation, merger and acquisition, etc;

The technologies that (III) play a core support role in the main products (services) of the enterprise fall within the scope of the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State;

The proportion of scientific and technical personnel engaged in research and development and related technological innovation activities in (IV) enterprises shall not be less than 10% of the total number of employees of the enterprise in that year;

The proportion of the total research and development expenses of (V) enterprises in the last three fiscal years (calculated according to the actual operating time if the actual operating period is less than three years, the same below) to the total sales revenue of the same period meets the following requirements:

1. Enterprises whose sales revenue in the latest year is less than 50 million yuan (inclusive), the proportion is not less than 5%;

2. For enterprises with sales revenue ranging from 50 million yuan to 0.2 billion yuan (inclusive) in the latest year, the proportion shall not be less than 4%;

3. The proportion of enterprises with sales revenue above 0.2 billion yuan in the latest year is not less than 3%.

Among them, the proportion of the total research and development expenses incurred by the enterprise in China to the total research and development expenses shall not be less than 60%;

The proportion of the (VI)'s income from high-tech products (services) in the total income of the enterprise in the same period in the past year is not less than 60%;

(VII) enterprise innovation ability evaluation should meet the corresponding requirements;

No major safety, major quality accidents or serious environmental violations occurred in the year before the (VIII) enterprise applied for identification.


4. Process of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Identification

Carry out research and development and technological achievement transformation activities → form enterprise independent intellectual property rights → organize relevant application materials → Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification application → preliminary examination → acceptance → review → public announcement → filing → announcement → issuance of Shenzhen high-tech enterprise qualification certificate

(I) Enterprise Application

Enterprises conduct self-evaluation against these measures. If it is deemed to meet the conditions for accreditation, an application for accreditation shall be submitted to the accreditation body. Submit the following materials at the time of application:

1. Application for accreditation of high-tech enterprises;

2. Relevant registration certificates certifying the legal establishment of the enterprise;

3. Intellectual property-related materials, scientific research project approval certificates, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, organization and management of research and development, and other related materials;

4. The key technology and technical indicators of the enterprise's high-tech products (services), production approval documents, certification and accreditation and related qualification certificates, product quality inspection reports and other related materials;

5. The enterprise staff and workers and scientific and technical personnel information materials;

6. A special audit or verification report on the research and development expenses of the enterprise in the last three fiscal years and the income of high-tech products (services) in the last fiscal year issued by a qualified intermediary agency, with explanatory materials for research and development activities;

7. Financial and accounting reports (including accounting statements, notes to accounting statements and financial statements) of enterprises certified by qualified intermediaries for the last three fiscal years;

8. Annual corporate income tax returns for the last three fiscal years.

(II) expert review

The accreditation body shall randomly select and form an expert group among the experts who meet the review requirements. The expert group shall review the application materials of the enterprise and put forward the evaluation opinions.

(III) review and determination


The accreditation body shall conduct a comprehensive review of the applicant enterprise in combination with the evaluation opinions of the expert group, put forward the accreditation opinions and report them to the office of the leading group. The recognized enterprise shall be publicized by the office of the leading group in the "High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Network" for 10 working days. If there is no objection, it shall be put on record, and announced in the "High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Network". The accreditation institution shall issue a unified printed "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" to the enterprise; if there is any objection, the accreditation institution shall verify and deal with it.