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    • Yancy Yan

    • Executive Officer
    • Mr. Yan’s practice focuses on patent reexamination and invalidation, patent infringement analysis, patent litigation, patent consultation and patent search in organic and high polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, photoelectric material, semiconductor material, environmental protection, medical device, analysis and detection device, oil field mining equipment and related fields; and he has studied US Patent Law, European Patent Law and examination practice study in US and Germany for a long time; besides, he has successfully handled many patent filings covering various technical fields.

    • Yuping Li

    • Patent Agent, Partner, Associate Researcher
    • Ms. Li is one of the first patent agents in China and national excellent agent, and she was rated as associate researcher of natural science field by provincial senior judge in 1995 and National Three Stars Level Agent in 2015, with extensive and enriched experience in patent agency over 30 years, her practice focuses mainly on patent drafting, response to office action, patent invalidation and reexamination about chemistry, pharmaceuticals and medicines, biology , food &Beverage and related fields.

    • Vincent Huang

    • Patent Agent, Foreign Patents Principal of Company
    • Mr. Huang has extensive and enriched experience in patent drafting, patent invalidation and reexamination about electronic technique, automatic control, electric system, integrated circuit, computer technology, wired and wireless communication, semiconductor technology, medical device, multimedia technology and related fields; besides, he has he has successfully handled many patent filings, trademark registration and copyright registration covering various technical fields.

    • Hans Li

    • Senior Patent Engineer
    • Mr. Li’s practice ranges from patent drafting, response to office action, patent invalidation to search, consultation and infringement analysis, he has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and automation, electronics and related fields; and he has patent mining guidance of automation equipment enterprises, training for patent manager and engineering technicians of enterprises, such as patent layout, patent development, research and development of products and intangible assets management of enterprise.

    • Guowu Deng

    • Senior Patent Engineer
    • Mr. Deng has over 10 years experience in drafting patent application documents, response to office action, patent invalidation, patent mining, patent consultation and infringement analysis, and he has been engaged in production and development of electromechanical and related fields as senior engineer and development manager in well-known enterprise for 15 years.

    • Zhimin Xie

    • legal advisor for medium and small enterprises
    • Mr. Xie’s practice focuses mainly on legal action of trademark, patent invalidation and objection, and he provides professional legal service for enterprise intellectual property, such as right of name, protection and risk control of business secret and technology secret, besides, he has enriched experience in computer software and special technology protection, and civil and administrative litigation of intellectual property, as a permanent legal counsel and intellectual property special legal counsel for several Chinese and overseas companies, he provides comprehensive service for enterprise intellectual property strategy plan and operation and maintenance.