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Company Introduction

Established in 2010, Wayne Intellectual Property Agency Co., LTD is a professional office specialized in high-end intellectual property right related services, including intellectual property agent (patent, trademark, and copyright etc.), consultation, legal services, valuation, pledge, licensing transactions, operation management, domestic protection against counterfeiting and so on.

Our team has the professional with extensive experience in international famous enterprises (HUAWEI, MTK, AND FOXCONN) for IP-In-House, and we can accurately grasp the main points of protection for the enterprise. Especially our team includes senior legal and intellectual property management experts, senior patent engineers, and lawyers from Hong Kong, most of them come from top high-tech and IT companies in the country with more than eight years of experience in IPR creation, utilization, protection and management.


Wayne Advantages

  • Advanced Automatic Case Management
  • The case is managed by software Time Matters automatically, it is specially designed for the company to greatly improve the efficiency and prevent time delays and other mistakes.
  • Excellent Response Ability and Professional Skill
  • Professional service and rich experience of patent agents increase the opportunity of grant. Our company strives to establish coping strategies based on deeply knowledge on every case. (patent agents will prepare the response to Office Action directly and communicate with the examiner based on key points of examination to provide professional solutions and solve all problems.)
  • Effective Controlled Cost
  • Fees for application are clear and transparent, and the client can feel secure for the budget. Our company communicates with the client directly and efficiently for saving application time and fee, and the client can know about all services and related fees from our bill.
  • Cooperation with Famous Law Offices in the World
  • Our company has long-term and stable cooperative relationship with famous law offices in the world, besides, we have professional team, stable business and management ability, and professional ability to handle case.

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